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Embroidery Thread
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POLY Polyester Embroidery Thread

POLY is a durable polyester machine thread and the top polyester embroidery thread choice for embroidering blanks and garments subject to routine heavy usage. For 90 years our thread has been a trusted product that truly works.

POLY is a 100% polyester thread that is manufactured in Germany. Our polyester thread is designed for high-speed, commercial embroidery and monogramming machines. Due to its pliability, it is marked by its ease of use. Also, POLY not only has a beautiful, silky sheen but is incredibly durable.

Poly Flash Embroidery Thread

Metallic Shiny Polyester Thread
POLY FLASH brings a new look to textile surface design. The result of innovative manufacturing is indeed surprising since POLY FLASH combines the properties and look of polyester,viscose and metal in a single thread: It is as strong and as resistant to chlorine as polyester (POLY), but has the silky soft shine of viscose (SULKY) and the shimmering sheen of metallic thread (METY). The look of POLY FLASH is metallicallyshiny and looks like hammered metal. This specialty thread is very skin-friendly and easy to work with.

Cotty Embroidery Thread

COTTY is our premier 100% natural cotton embroidery thread and some of the best thread you will find anywhere. At Gunold, it’s considered to be best in class.

COTTY is a high-quality cotton thread that is made from long staple, Egyptian cotton, making it perfect for embroidery and scalloping.

Gunold’s 30 weight cotton embroidery thread is for those looking for thread capable of running on high-speed commercial embroidery machines. This natural thread comes in a variety of colors and is a versatile thread that should be a part of every commercial embroiderer’s supplies for common applications like felt and corduroy. We want to help you by providing you and your embroidery business with the best thread possible including Gunold cotton thread.

Metallic Embroidery Thread

Gunold metallic embroidery thread (METY) catches everyone’s eye with its color and glamorous gold and silver tones. These features give a unique embroidery look to every project. Add our metallic embroidery thread product to your embroidery supply arsenal and set yourself apart from your commercial embroidery competition.

Gunold’s metallic machine embroidery thread is composed of a polyester core that is wrapped with a metallic foil. Both our metallic gold embroidery threads and silver metallic embroidery threads come in sizes 5/2 (30 wt.) and 7/2 (40 wt.) in regular and Mini-King cones.

Glitter Embroidery Thread

Gunold’s Glitter embroidery thread is offered in 24 colors to provide unique embroidery finishes. This quality thread is easy to run and is a unique addition to any commercial embroiderer’s shop.This thread is offered in 6,540 yd. Bobbin Cones to provide you enough thread for larger embroidery jobs. You will be struck immediately by the sparkling look and quality of Gunold’s Glitter thread.

Glitter embroidery thread displays eye-catching special effects that you have to see to believe. The effect has made our thread a must-have product for many embroidery shops.

Reflective Embroidery Thread

Finally, a truly reflective thread! Retro-reflection is the magic word.  Retro-reflection occurs when a reflective material returns the impinging radiation to the direction of the radiation source, largely independent of the direction of the reflector.  This is particularly the case in the dark, thus serving security and protecting people.  Thousands of microscopic glass beads encase the reflective thread CRY® that consists of a polyamide core and a polymer coating ensuring the adhesion of the reflecting glass beads on the thread.

Luminous Embroidery Thread

Gunold offers two glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread options. You’ll find “Glowy” luminous embroidery thread and “Fluor” fluorescent embroidery thread both have the same high quality as all our products. Both are designed specifically for multi-head embroidery machines. Fluor is a white thread, while Glowy comes in seven different thread colors. Both threads have a practical, durable application and can be used as a fun and decorative touch for a wide-range of applications, such as Halloween costumes or stage costuming. 

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